Click here to see the latest hashsums and certificates.


2020-01-07 Updated the card payment routine to comply with the SCA regulations. Hopefully this will make is possible to pay with more types of cards. 2019-11-26 Upgraded the SSL/TLS-certificate on our XMPP server (chat server). 2019-11-17 Fixed HTML email viewing problem. Some encrypted HTML emails could look empty if the sender styled the HTML email with the CSS tag '@import'. When we display HTML emails we have a security filter which removes some dangerous HTML/CSS tags. This filter could sometimes remove too much CSS if the sender used the '@import' tag. 2019-11-16 -Fixed Print mail issue. In our webmail interface under the 'More'-button menu, you have the 'Print this message' function. This function opens up a new window and you get a Print-dialog (to select Printer etc.). Sometimes the Print-dialog did not appear if the email was encrypted. We have now added a small delay so the email get more time to decrypt before the Print-dialog will appear. -Updated our server-side spam filter. We are constantly upgrading our spam filter to keep Spam emails away from your Inbox, but also to minimize false positive flagged emails. If you still get valid (non-Spam) emails in your Spam/Junk-folder, you should create a Whitelist filter for the sender domains that you want to flag as valid. See this FAQ: 2019-11-04 -Started updating pages with the words 'alias' and 'aliases'. In our new webmail, the alias-feature is called Identity. So 'identity' and 'identities' refers to the old term 'alias' and 'aliases'. For example, 'Domain identity' = was previously called 'Domain alias' -Updated the Public keys Settings-page. If you have deleted the private key from our server, we have added a delay page so you don't miss to Download the updated Private key. This will only happen if you edit Identities in your keyring (under Settings / Public Keys, clicking the button 'Edit keyring'). 2019-11-03 Changed our Terms of Use. You can read them here: 2019-10-14 Emergency upgrade. One of our servers has a defect hardware part. We have to shutdown the server during the replacement. It will take approx. 30-45 minutes. Between 13.15-14.00 UTC+2 Update: The downtime was 20 minutes, between 13.17-13.37 UTC+2 2019-10-11 Fixed Base64 decoding problem. Some non-UTF-8 emails could sometimes fail to decode, so the email body looked empty. 2019-09-30 Fixed clickable links problem. In the last month, some links that contained mixed uppercase and lowercase letters would not work. It would only redirect to the lowercase location. For example, this link: '' would link to ''. 2019-09-09 Changed the expiration warning email to 14 days. You will be notified by email of a pending expiration 14 days before your account expires. A second email will be sent to you 7 days before the expire date. If it's less than 5 days left, you will get a daily warning. 2019-09-04 Closed down the registration of NEW accounts. Members that already have an account will not be affected. Premium members with their own domain option can still register domain accounts in the Domain Panel. The reason that we closed the registration is because of the amount of abuse with the free Trial accounts. We will open the registration when we found a solution to limit the free accounts even further. We can not say a date when we have found a solution for the free accounts. 2019-08-09 Fixed attachments issues on MacOS and on iOS devices. PGP/MIME encrypted attachments was not possible to Download/View due to recent changes in MacOS and iOS (most Safari-based web browsers). Other web browsers like Firefox did not have this problem. 2019-05-03 Improved the the HTML filter. Some types of HTML emails could be slow to display in the web browser. We have now improved our HTML display-filter so these HTML emails should display faster. 2019-04-26 Changed free Trial accounts limitations, less restrictions and more storage space. Read more here. 2019-04-26 The problem with Unread emails that was marked as Read after server encryption has now been solved. 2019-04-25 Unread email problems. We currently have a problem where some emails have been flagged as Read, even though they are Unread. This is not a security breach, it's one of our encryption scripts on our server that fails to set the correct flag after the email has been encrypted. This issue will be solved within the next 24h. 2019-04-13 Upgrading of our support server is finished 2019-04-11 We are currently upgrading our support server. During this time you can email to for support questions. 2019-03-14 -Fixed some issues with iOS/Apple emails. Some emails that was sent (unencrypted) from iOS or Apple Mail could sometimes appear blank, this happened after they had been server encrypted, but only if the email contained HTML text or attachments and the user had selected PGP/MIME as server encryption method. 2019-03-08 -Fixed UTF-8 decoding problem in PGP/MIME emails. Some characters in some PGP/MIME emails was not displayed correctly. -Changed free Trial accounts limitations. These accounts can now send email to other secure email providers and VPN providers. Earlier these accounts could only send email to Countermail domains -Changed storage space for premium accounts. The default storage space is now 4 GB. 2019-02-19 -Fixed double spacing when replying HTML If you replied to a PGP/MIME encrypted HTML email, you got double line spacing in the reply. This has been fixed to single line spacing. 2019-02-01 Changed default compose-encryption to PGP/MIME. We changed our default encryption method to PGP/MIME because it works much better on mobile devices. It's the K9-app on Android and Canarymail-app on iOS (iPhone). You can change the methods under Settings / Preferences /Security & Keys, 'Server encryption method for unencrypted emails' and 'Encryption method for composing email'. PGP/MIME encrypted emails got a padlock as the symbol for encryption method. 2019-01-28 -Fixed problem with inline-attachments in PGP/MIME emails Some inline-attachments would not display correctly in PGP/MIME encrypted emails -Fixed problem with Bcc:-attachments. If someone sent you an encrypted PGP-attachment where you were listed as a Bcc:-recipient, the attachment could fail with the message: 'Error: could not decrypt file'. 2019-01-27 Fixed some issues with PGP/MIME emails: -Mail attachments sent from iOS/Apple mail could sometimes fail to decrypt -Mail attachments with long filenames could sometimes get a blank filename -Multipart PGP/MIME emails, for example an email with multiple plain/text bodies, did not display all parts correctly 2019-01-25 -Fixed problem with some third party script-generated emails. Some servers use scripts to generate & send email to our server. Some of these script-generated emails could not be read in our webmail client, for example 'Formscape'. This has now been fixed. 2019-01-23 New SSL certificate. Click here to see the latest hashsums and certificates. 2018-12-20 -Completed full support for PGP/MIME You can now send messages in PGP/MIME format instead of PGP-inline. PGP/MIME works better on mobile devices. We recommend that you change to PGP/MIME. Go to Settings / Preferences / Security & Keys. In the setting "Encryption method for unencrypted emails" select "PGP/inline for text, PGP/MIME for HTML & attachments" In the setting "PGP method" select "PGP/MIME" Click on the Save-button. -Better handling for attachments If you use Firefox or Chrome you can now select multiple attachment files in one go. You can now click Forward on any encrypted email with attachments, and the attachments will first decrypt and then added to the new Compose window. Attachments will now be uploaded only when you click Send, this means that you can change recipients as you wish during the composition, the attachment does not need to be removed or uploaded again 2018-10-10 -Fixed problem when sending unencrypted and signed emails (signed-only emails) -Improved attachment handling when forwarding attachments -GUI improvements for 2FA-login 2018-09-25 We have now lowered our prices and also increased our storage space for all premium subscriptions! Read more here. Older premium members will automatically get the extra storage space within the next 48 hours. 2018-09-02 Fixed bug when adding an alias to your public key. If you added an alias to your public key (keyring) you might have to redo that. This bug has been present from Aug 14th until Sept 2nd. If you have not added any alias to your public key during this time, you don't have to do anything. Adding an alias to the public key is a manual action that you do under Settings / Public Keys, click on your own username in the Public Keys column, then click on the button 'Edit aliases in keyring' in the right window. Select all the aliases that you want to be visible & searchable in your public key by clicking in the checkboxes. If you added an alias to your public key (between Aug 14th - Sept 2nd), the public key was modified correctly but the new alias was not searchable (people could not find the public key for that specific alias). To fix this you have to redo the process, some users may have to first delete the alias from the public key, save it and log out. Then login and add the alias to the keyring again. 2018-08-08 We have to perform maintenance between 23.00 CET (GMT+2) Aug 8 to 01.00 CET (GMT+2) Aug 9th. The expected downtime is two hours. We are going to replace some of our servers. We are sorry for any inconvenience this maintenance will have you. 2018-07-31 Fixed login problem after a password change or USB activation. This problem only occured if the mobile TwoFactor Login was activated before the password change/USB activation. 2018-07-30 Updated our XMPP chat server 2018-06-20 -Fixed decryption/verification bug. Some emails did not decrypt correctly. -Added warning message if the senders digital signature key could not be found 2018-06-13 -Fixed bug when editing/opening Drafts with attachments -Fixed bug when sending encrypted email to a new contact, it was not possible to send encrypted to a new contact (Public key was not found) 2018-06-12 Several minor updates and improvements, some of them: -On the login page, warn user if they selected the wrong private key (only for users that already deleted their private key from our server) -Added support for Two Factor Authentication (our own mobile app for iOS and Android) and support for TOTP Two Factor (Google Authenticator) -Updated the HTML compose editor - TINYMCE - to the latest version (several bugfixes) -Updated many icon-images (better quality) -Fixed some HTML parsing errors (when viewing HTML emails) 2018-05-16 Added support for Forward-encrypted-attachments, for both PGP-inline and PGP/MIME attachments. 2018-05-12 The DNS problem should now be solved. 2018-05-12 We have a DNS problem, we are looking into this issue. 2018-03-18 -Fixed bug when sending encrypted email to Bcc-recipients, the Bcc-recipients could not decrypt the message -Added support to view double encrypted HTML emails (if the email was corrupted when the sender composed it) -Fixed bug when replying to PGP/MIME encrypted HTML emails. The reply could sometimes contain HTML tags 2018-03-13 Our datacenter had a internet connection problem between 15.14 - 15-24. Server was down for 10 minutes. 2018-02-23 -Added setting interface for and Email Notifications. Under Settings/Preferences/Email Notifications. -Added setting interface for Secure Forms. Under Settings/Preferences/Secure Forms. If you already use the old Secure Forms, you need to change the POST action URL to 2018-02-22 -Fixed some decoding problems for PGP/MIME encrypted emails 2018-02-08 Updated XMPP chat server. New host name: XMPP username and password can be found/generated under Settings / Preferences / Security & Keys -> Chat settings (only for paid accounts). 2017-01-27 -Added the feature 'Delete private key'. Under Settings / Preferences / Security & Keys. 2017-01-25 -Added a white skin - change skin under Settings / Preferences / User interface 2017-01-24 New SSL certificate. Click here to see the latest hashsums and certificates. 2018-01-19 -Fixed Firefox 57.x logout problem - if you did a forced refresh of a page, you could sometimes get logged out -Fixed attachment problems when the filename contained UTF-8 characters -Changed default behaviour for email headers (From, Subject & Date) - always display these headers when opening an email -Added Auto-add-recipients feature - automatically add new recipients to your Contacts. When sending new emails, it will check if the recipient is included in your Contacts. This feature can be enabled/disabled under Settings / Security & Keys -> [x] Auto add recipients to addressbook -Added PGP/MIME viewing - when reading PGP/MIME encrypted email, it will now display the full email and attachments 2017-12-27 -Changed default HTML line spacing when composing HTML emails 2017-12-14 -Fixed some minor graphical bugs when displaying HTML emails in the new webmail interface -Changed default setting when reading/opening emails, it will now display both the email address and the name in the upper header-fields (From: & To:) 2017-12-12 -Fixed problem when saving encrypted Drafts 2017-12-10 -Fixed decryption of some special emails with with multiple text-bodies, the last part was not decrypted in some cases. 2017-12-09 -Fixed wrong BTC currency rate. We had wrong currency rate conversion between
Thursday 7 Dec and Saturday 9 Dec. We will contact all customers who paid with wrong currency rate. 2017-12-08 -Fixed some graphical bugs with thread-views in the new webmail interface 2017-12-02 -Fixed Upload file attachment problem, caused by yesterdays Internet Explorer 11 fix. We strongly recommend to NOT using IE11. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is very slow with encrypt/decrypt operations, compared to all other web browsers. 2017-12-01 The old webmail interface will be taken offline. If you have Contacts or Safebox-records in the old interface, you should export them and import them into the new webmail interface. We will keep the old webmail data for many days, so it will still be possible to Export/Import afterwards. -Added Public-key alias modification in the new webmail interface, under Settings -> Public Keys. Click on your own key (green color), then click on the button called [Edit aliases in keyring]. -Fixed Safebox import confusion. To be able to import an old safebox-file you must first login to your Safebox, we have now added an alert warning to inform about this. -Fixed Internet Explorer 11 problems with Safebox and Public keys 2017-11-23 -Fixed corrupted links; sometimes when you replied to an email which includes links, the links could get corrupted in the reply. -Added decryption of emails with multiple text-bodies; some email clients create emails with multiple bodies, earlier we only decrypted the first body, now it should decrypt all text-bodies. -Changed many things to increase the speed in the interface 2017-11-12 -Added setting in new webmail interface: '[x] Show warning if public key was not found for a recipient' under Settrings / Preferences / Security & Keys. This will enable/disable the public key warning that you get if you send an email to some recipient which don't have any public PGP-key. 2017-11-02 -Added Domain Panel in new webmail interface, under Settings. 2017-10-29 -Fixed registration problems in Safari. 2017-10-22 -Added USB activation function in the new webmail interface. Under Settings / Preferences / Security & Keys 2017-10-15 -Added Safebox feature - available under under Settings. To import old Safebox entries; login to the old interface and Export the old Safebox. You can then import the old safebox file into the new Safebox. -Fixed attachment decryption problems, some attachments did not decrypt correctly -Fixed corrupt HTML emails, some HTML emails was not displayed correctly -Several minor skin changes 2017-09-26 -Added 'Add/Remove' identities (aliases) function in new webmail interface 2017-09-25 See this FAQ how to import the old contacts into the new webmail interface: 2017-09-24 -Fixed Public/Private keys export-format for Windows, some PGP-application do not handle new lines correctly, added workaround for this -Fixed Attachments problems in Internet Explorer -Added Change password-function in new webmail interface 2017-09-05 New payment URL : 2017-09-01 We have to perform maintenance on Sept 2nd between 00.00-03.00 GMT+1. This means that you will not be able to login during these hours. This is the last downtime we will have for our new webmail. 2017-08-30 We have a new registration page here: 2017-08-27 Some users had login issues and decryption problems in the new webmail, these issues has now been resolved. We will continue to add functions which are still missing in the new interface: -Import of SafeBox -Import of Contacts -PGP/MIME decryption -Domain aliases -White theme/look -Detailed account info with import/export of PGP keys -New Sign-up page The old interface is still available here: 2017-08-24 We have now opened up the new webmail system on If you miss some emails in your Inbox, which may have arrived today after 19.00 (GMT+1), they will be transferred automatically to your account during this night 2017-08-23 On Thursday the 24th, between 19.00-22.00 CET (GMT+1) our webmail system will be offline. We are going to move over to the new webmail version. 2017-08-13 The migration script that processes all users is still running, it takes a bit longer than we expected, hopefully the export and import of all users will be ready within the next 24 hours. When this process is done we will open up the new webmail version. 2017-08-11 We have started the migration of all users to the new platform, it will take up to 24 hours before all users have been transferred to the new system. 2017-08-06 Today we had some problems with the new webmail version, we will continue the upgrade on Monday Aug 7th. 2017-08-02 A new webmail version will be released in the first week of August. Some users will get access on Aug 4th, others will get access later in the week. This new version does not require java, only Javascript. It should also work in web browsers for mobile devices. 2017-06-16 FireFox 54 do not work with Java. Firefox 52 and 53 is still working with this setting. If you only have access to Firefox 54 you can install Firefox ESR instead or FireFoxPortable (Windows). We are working on the new java-free webmail version, we estimate it should be ready within 3-4 weeks. 2017-05-22 Updated FireFoxPortable for Windows. 2017-03-19 Firefox 52 Java problem. Starting with FireFox 52, Java plugin is disabled as default. We are working on a new webmail system which do not require Java. Until our new system is ready, you can re-enable Java in Firefox 52, see this FAQ: Enable Java in FireFox 52. 2017-02-19 Added new credit card payment (Stripe) 2017-02-10 Changed Login/Register/Tools pages to better detect Java problems 2017-01-18 New SSL certificate. Click here to see the latest hashsums and certificates. 2016-10-02 Bug in MacOS Sierra. The latest Java for MacOS Sierra has a bug that prevents pressing the Alt-,Shift- or Cmd-button in the Login Window: Entering any mixed-case text requires the use of copy-and-paste using only the mouse by entering the correct text in some other application then pasting it into the Java application. If you don't have any mixed-case letters in the password it should work without using copy and paste. 2016-03-17 We had a web server problem between 17.00 to 04.00. The problem was caused by an upgrade of PHP, which we do on regular basis, but this time the new PHP version created several new errors, this behavior is not expected when you do a minor upgrade, for example from version 5.4.5 to 5.4.6. This downtime was only for our web server, not for our mail server, no email has been lost. We are sorry for the downtime, and we will make sure this type of problem never happen again. 2016-02-07 New SSL certificate. Click here to see the latest hashsums and certificates. 2015-12-15 Fixed the problem with wrong time/timezone in the webmail interface. 2015-09-03 Fixed bug when creating new XMPP chat users 2015-08-06 Security upgrade on servers. 15 minutes downtime. 2015-03-02 Added VCARD-Export and VCARD-Import for Contacts. Compatible with VCARD version 2.1 and 3.0. 2015-02-18 Applet: Fixed bug with public keys which contained special characters in a User-ID packet, example characters: ü é 2015-02-08 Added PGP-packet analyzer on our Tools-page (at the bottom). It can be used for both PGP-keys and PGP-messages. 2015-01-08 Added new restrictions for free Trial accounts, they can not send email outside the Countermail server anymore, only paid Premium accounts can send email outside our server. 2015-01-07 New SSL/TLS certificate, fingerprints. 2014-12-01 Increased storage space for 12 or 24 months subscriptions: Before it was 250 MB encrypted email space (same as for 3 or 6 months), we have now increased it to 500 MB encrypted email storage for premium members that purchase 12 or 24 months subscriptions. 2014-11-28 Tools-page: Fixed some minor bugs, one bug was that you could not search with short keyid:s (0x12345678), it was only possible with the full 16 char Keyid:s. Changed layout for Public key search and Keypair generation. 2014-10-07 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2014-09-29 Web server reboot for security upgrades. Sometime we must do a reboot without warnings, if it's security related, and improves the service. A web server reboot takes less than 60 seconds, so the downtime is very short. 2014-09-25 Solution for MacOS X with FireFox browser Add-ons installed: 2014-09-22 On MacOS X some FireFox browser Add-ons, like NoScript and AdBlock causes problems. The problem is Firefox or in the Add-ons. You may need to disable them until they found the bug. Safari seems to be working, just some Safari-settings you must do. 2014-09-17 Server: Improved Spam blocking 2014-08-13 WebUI: Removed the 'Reject' Message-filter. We removed this for two reasons; reason one was because a privacy issue, it could reveal the main account name if the user had a Reject-filter that was active on an anonymous alias (an alias which is not in the users public key). Reason two was because it could increase the Spam mails for the user, a Spambot may read the Reject-response headers and see that the email is active. You should use 'Discard' instead of 'Reject'. If you need an autoresponse message, use the Vacation responder. 2014-07-25 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2014-07-02 WebUI: Fixed problems for MacOS users using Firefox 30 with AdBlock- or Noscript-add:ons 2014-05-26 Updated recommended Java settings for MacOS: 2014-04-29 Applet: Fixed login problems on non-Countermail domains, where the private key have a different password than the normal webmail password. Applet: Added function to display Masterkey-ID and Subkey-ID for Public keys. Added on the Personal Settings page, but also on our Tools-page. Applet: Should now work with Java ver. 1.8 2014-04-28 WebUI: Fixed viewing of unencrypted HTML emails, window did not use full browser window. Applet: New [View]-routine, when clicking on attachments, it will now open the attachment directly, and when closing the View-app, it will try to secure delete the viewed attachment. Prepared Applet for password-based encryption (no PGP-keys needed for the recipient, upcoming feature). 2014-04-26 WebUI: Fixed '<< Back'-button bug. Sometimes when Viewing Full headers and clicking the Back button, it could cause an logout. Same bug was also on the POP3 fetch page. Added restrictions for domain owners: -Catch-all addresses are no longer allowed will always be redirected to 2014-04-24 CreditCard payment problem solved. 2014-04-24 We have some payment problems with CreditCards. We are working with the problem. You can still pay with Bitcoin, Wire Transfer or Paypal (Paypal also takes CreditCards) 2014-04-22 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2014-04-10 Info about the Heartbleed bug: We did not use any of the vulnerable OpenSSL versions, we use v0.9.8. 2014-03-16 Server: Fixed double HTML-encryption bug. Some third party encrypted HTML-emails was not detected as encrypted by our server encryption script, which resulted in a double encryption on some HTML-email bodies. We will add a solution which makes them readable in our webmail. This bug did not affect any normal HTML email or attachments. 2014-02-17 Added FAQ: How do I create a strong password, that I also can remember? 2014-02-14 Temporarily problem in a database table. The repair took approx. 30 minutes, and the downtime was approx 35 minutes. 2014-02-12 Applet: Users with deleted private keys could get two password questions, fixed. Applet: Added support for password based decryption directly from webmail 2014-01-30 Server: Changed spam flag. Earlier we set a flag called 'X-Spam-Status:' to 1 if it was a suspected as spam. This flag is now renamed to 'X-CMSpam-Status:' to avoid false Spam classification from other vendors/providers. This spam check is executed after your own filters, so you can whitelist senders if it's needed. 2014-01-27 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2014-01-21 Added multiple contact selection when composing email, under the To:, Cc: and Bcc: buttons. 2014-01-19 Added setting under Compose Preferences: '[x] Skip empty Subject warning'. When you compose a new email and don't enter any Subject, you will get a warning. This setting disables that warning. 2014-01-14 Oracle have released a new Java version, Some web browsers may block Java until you update your version. Test your version here: 2014-01-07 Chat-server temporarily unavailable, we are working on the problem. Chat-server problem fixed. 2014-01-06 WebUI: Fixed printing of HTML emails, before it was hard to get the correct printout of HTML emails, it should be fixed now. 2013-12-27 WebUI: Fixed USB removal bug, it was only possible to remove one key WebUI: Added functionality to save Public key and Private key in same file, some application requires this format. (Settings/Personal info) Applet: When manually saving the Private key (Settings/Personal info), the USB-keyfile bytes is removed from the password on the saved private key, but your password is still protecting the saved private key. This will only affect users that have an USB-key activated. WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client for Firefox: Offline Login Client ver. 1.69 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2013-12-20 Server: Blocked 200+ IP-addresses belonging to Spam servers. WebUI: Added [Show userid] to Contacts. This will display all userID:s inside the contacts public key. Added same button to Personal info, that button will display all userID:s inside your public or private key. WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2013-12-19 WebUI: Updated our Tools-page with more PGP tools, like PGP key generation, Public key Encrypt/Decrypt and Keysearch. webUI: Removed the Login window that automatically popups if the session expires, now you have to manually click the Login button. The previous behaviour was a bit annoying if you're watching a movie or working in some other application, because the Java Login window came on top of all other windows. WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client for Firefox: Offline Login Client ver. 1.68b 2013-12-18 Applet: Fixed Private key loading from USB. Changed USB activation routine. Changed USB removal routine. 2013-12-08 Server: Updated SSL certificate on web and mail server. 2013-12-02 Server: Added Quota warnings, if your total email box is 85% full you will be notified by an email. The last warning comes when it's 95% full. 2013-11-30 Server: We have disabled the feature 'Return Receipt' (read notifications) because of a potential anonymity risk against aliases. 2013-11-22 WebUI: Added feature to disable the 'automatic add to Contacts' when you are sending new emails. Under Settings / Compose Prefs: [x] Automatically add outgoing emails to my Contacts 2013-11-20 Applet: Fixed 'Error: Cant find any encryption key for'. This could sometime happen for aliases that was added to a public key Applet: Fixed USB removal problems, asking for Keyring password even though the password was same as webmail password Applet: Fixed Link redirections error in our Offline Client (redirto.php was pointing locally) WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari): Offline Login Client ver. 1.67 2013-11-16 WebUI: Fixed CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable WebUI: Fixed our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari): Offline Login Client ver. 1.66b The only difference between v1.66 and v1.66b is that v1.66 was compiled to only start from our domain, while v1.66b can be started locally. 2013-11-14 Applet: Fixed login problems for users with deleted private key, and using a different webmail password Applet: If the user have deleted their private key, Applet will now always ask for it (Browse window), in our previous version we autoloaded the private key from the last known path, but this made some users forgot that they had deleted their private key! WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari): Offline Login Client ver. 1.66 2013-11-13 WebUI: Fixed a XSS-vulnerabilitiy in unencrypted HTML email. This XSS did not affect encrypted email or normal textmail. 2013-11-11 Server: Added new spam filter. Suspected spam emails will be filed into your 'Spam'-folder. We set a flag called 'X-Spam-Status:' and check this flag. This new spam check is executed after your own filters, so you can white list senders before our check runs. 2013-11-09 Applet: Fixed bug for domain account registration (for members with their own domain). You need to restart you web browser once. 2013-11-08 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari): Offline Login Client ver. 1.63 2013-11-08 Applet: Fixed bug for members with deleted private keys. You need to restart you web browser once. 2013-11-07 Applet: Added support for separate passwords, login and private key. This will normally only affect members that have deleted their private key from our server. Applet: Fix Registration problems in Linux WebUI: Increased maximum attachment size to 30MB. 2013-10-27 Server: Added more spam filters 2013-10-22 Applet: Updated security Manifest, to minimize web browser warnings. Changed new public keysize to 4096 bits. 2013-10-13 WebUI: Fixed bug in Secure Forms mail delivery. Sometimes the email was not delivered to the form-Owner, this is now fixed. 2013-09-20 There was a Spam-attack today, we have added more Spam-protection rules (server-side) 2013-09-12 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2013-09-11 Upgrade of our Support system. Support system was offline for two hours. 2013-08-22 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable WebUI: Added Firefox 23 instructions in the Readme-file in our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari): Offline Login Client ver. 1.60 2013-08-15 Firefox 23 is causing different problems on MacOS. We are working to find a solution. 2013-08-12 Added Bitcoin as payment method 2013-07-31 Some price adjustments: 24 months subscription has been reduced to $99 ($4.12/month). The Extra space option is now a one-time fee! You only have to pay it once. You can find the prices here. 2013-07-27 Applet: Fixed an USB activation error in Windows: 'Could not find any valid USB-key', this could happen if the computer had zero USB devices before activating the key. WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.60 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2013-07-26 WebUI: Added version check for the applet. During login you will get a warning if your web browser is caching an old version. 2013-07-25 Applet: Fixed compability problem with uncompressed symmetrical encrypted PGP packets. OpenPGPJS use these packets, even though it's NOT recommended to use uncompressed packets, read more about a possible attack: pgp-attack.pdf WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.59 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2013-07-24 Applet: New USB routine We will continue to add USB credits today, those users that did not receive their USB credits yesterday will get it today 2013-07-23 New USB activation routine will be released, all users waiting for USB credits will get an email later today. These credits is used to activate your own USB device. 2013-07-12 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable 2013-07-10 WebUI: Changed login routine. During login, our script makes sure that all users have a 'memberXXXXX'-alias. Where XXXXX is randomly generated number between 1-999999. This alias should be kept for payments. After a payment is done you can delete it. If you delete it, the next time you login you will get a new random member alias, keep this for future payments. 2013-06-20 Applet: Fixed bug, 'NullPointerException' for Java WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.58 2013-05-30 WebUI: Changed the [Add contact]-function on the Contacts page, if you paste one public key into the Public key-field and click on [Add contact], without entering any email, you will get an error message displaying all email addresses inside the public key 2013-05-20 Applet: Add a warning if user is trying to attach a symbolic link in Linux, it's not possible to attach a symlink, user must browse to the real file instead. Applet: Fixed bug, 'Could not call System.exit()' in Linux (IcedTea Web) WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.56 2013-05-17 We are under a DDoS attack. We are adding more protections against this. 2013-05-01 Changed our free Trial account period to 7 days 2013-04-28 New IMAP server installation. Approx. 30 min. downtime. 2013-04-19 Applet: Re-compile and re-signing of our applet to avoid false Certificate warnings with java Reboot of IMAP server, 5 minutes downtime. 2013-03-24 WebUI: Opened up our XMPP chat server. Settings can be found in your account under Settings / Chat settings. Our own client will also be added soon. Until then you can use any SSL/TLS compatible client from here: 2013-03-17 WebUI: Added new Support-system and a new FAQ 2013-02-26 Applet: Fixed bug in password change, sometimes when a user changed password they where logged out and have to login again WebUI: Fixed bug in Account Expire redirection, if an account expired it should be redirected to the payment page, this did not work in some browsers WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.53 WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable with latest Offline Login Client 2013-02-11 Applet: Updated HTML rendering when using our Offline Login Client WebUI: Fixed bug in Attachments, forwarding email and then adding attachments could sometimes result in empty attachments WebUI: Updated CounterMailPortable, latest version of all apps: Countermail Portable WebUI: Updated our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.51 2013-02-04 Important information. Today between approx. 16.30 - 18.00 (UTC+1 TIME) our servers will be offline for maintenance. 2013-02-02 Applet: Fixed Safebox initialization bug in Linux/IcedTea-Web Applet: Fixed USB-key activation problem in Mac OS X Applet: Changed behaviour when de-activating multiple USB-keys, user can choose to de-activate single key, and keep the other still protecting the account WebUI: Updated Applet in our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.50 2013-02-01 WebUI: Updated Java security info page. 2013-01-29 Server: Changed the behaviour of our scheduled Encryption script for unencrypted HTML-emails, added a '<br>' on every encryption-line, this should make encrypted HTML email more portable, e.g with encryption Apps on iPhone. WebUI: Updated our login page due to the Java problems in some web browsers WebUI: Updated 'cm.js' in our Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari):
Offline Login Client ver. 1.49b 2013-01-12 WebUI: Added Java security info page. 2013-01-12 Applet: Added MacOS support for our USB-key. MacOS 10.6 or newer and x64 platform is required. WebUI: Updated the Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari) Offline Login Client ver. 1.49 2012-12-20 WebUI: Added Countermail Portable for Windows 2012-12-17 WebUI: Added Safebox info page: Safebox feature 2012-12-15 WebUI: Fixed some minor bugs in Safebox Applet: Fixed some minor bugs in Safebox WebUI: Updated the Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari) Offline Login Client ver. 1.48 2012-12-14 WebUI: Updated Safebox to a stand-alone window 2012-12-09 Applet: Added SafeBox. Detailed info will be posted soon. WebUI: Added Safebox feature. Store your login credentials (username, password, url etc.) 2012-11-21 WebUI: Fixed character encoding(charset) bugs in our Cron-script, which is encrypting unencrypted emails, the problem was visible if someone send an unencrypted email with a non-UTF8 multibyte charset, like Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, this problem could also affect attachment-filenames in those languages. 2012-11-05 WebUI: Fixed character encoding(charset) bug in Secure Forms WebUI: Added option to remove new-lines and Field names in Secure Forms 2012-09-18 Applet: Improved decryption speed of large emails 2012-09-15 Applet: Increased the S2K private key encryption (iteration count = 192 = 4 MB of hashing). Bruteforce speed is now down to approx. 130 keys/sec for a hexcore CPU @ 3.2 GHZ 2012-09-10 WebUI: Fixed a login problem with Chrome WebUI: Updated the Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari) Offline Login Client 2012-09-09 WebUI: Fixed bug 'onePass key not found'. This happened if someone encrypted a message with a hidden keyid 0x00000000, e.g. using 'BCC:' or an anonymous alias, and used a different keyid to onepass-sign the message. WebUI: Added support for DELETE and BACKSPACE keyboard buttons in folder views, to delete selected messages WebUI: Added support for COMMAND keyboard button in folder views, to select/unselect individual messages (MacOS) 2012-09-06 WebUI: Added support for CTRL and SHIFT keyboard buttons when viewing folders, use them to select/unselect multiple messages with mousebutton 2012-09-02 WebUI: Added Mass email function to Domain owners (Settings / Domain Panel -> [Show form]) 2012-08-28 Scheduled Maintenance - August 30, 13:00 GMT. Servers will be down for approx. 2-3 hours. We must do this to be able to increase the capacity of our system. 2012-08-07 WebUI: Fixed bug in 'POP3 Fetch mail' function, Modify/Delete server did not work 2012-07-09 WebUI and Applet: Added more MX/SSL tests on our Tools-page 2012-06-10 WebUI: Added public key search on our Tools-page 2012-05-31 WebUI: Added feature to create subfolders 2012-04-16 WebUI: Added Blue theme 2012-04-13 Applet: Fixed bug when using 1-character usernames WebUI: Fixed bug in Calendar Day-view, session died if user clicked previous ('<') or next ('>') quick links 2012-04-05 WebUI: Added Java test on the Login page. Firefox have started to block old Java plugins, so we need test if Java is working or not. This is the same test that we have on our Registration page. 2012-04-02 WebUI: Fixed subfolder problem 2012-03-31 Applet: Fixed applet certificate problems with Linux Applet: 1-character account names is now possible for domain administrators 2012-03-26 Applet: Fixed incompatibility problems with IcedTea Web Plugin on FireFox (Linux). 2012-03-24 Applet: Added full text search for Contacts-fields 2012-03-22 Applet: New code signing certificate, see the top on this page for details Applet: Fixed bug when veryfing public keys, uppercase characters in the userID would create an error Applet: Added functions for the upcoming encrypted chat Applet: Fixed bug for users with USB-keys, multiple users can now login at the same time on the same computer Applet: Better support for Java 7 WebUI: Changed the Contacts page, more fields and new option to add a 'trust' to your contacts, this trust will also affect the upcoming Chat feature. WebUI: Added online status for your trusted contacts the left menu (under the email folders) WebUI: Improved the Login page, the login window should now always be visible WebUI: Added encryption info 'Server encrypted', which means message was sent unencrypted and later encrypted on our server by our scheduled script WebUI: Updated the beta Offline Login Client (for FireFox and Safari) Offline Login Client (beta) 2012-03-10 WebUI: Added payment method: Wire transfer 2012-02-14 WebUI: Fixed MacOS bug on Registration page, sometimes it displayed 'Java failed', this could happen because the web browser announced that the applet was loaded, even though it was not loaded! We have put in a 500ms delay to prevent this problem. 2012-02-06 WebUI: Fixed bug that occured when clicking the '<< Back'-button and the previous page was a deleted or a moved email, the result could be that your session was logged out 2012-01-23 WebUI: Fixed bug that sometimes occured when sending email to Aliases, error was 'Account xxx has expired!' WebUI: Changed web browser cache behaviour, from 'Private' (client) to 'No-Cache', every page should be re-read when using our [Back/Next/Previous} buttons 2012-01-04 Applet: Added automatic key update for all personal contacts during login Applet: Added automatic check for expired accounts when composing emails 2011-11-19 WebUI: Updated our SSL-certificate. SHA1-fingerprint: 22:1a:9b:33:00:d7:dc:7b:af:1e:16:71:c2:15:a9:f0:4a:1c:8d:f0 2011-11-14 Applet: Updated automatic key search for user domains Updated the beta Login Client (for FireFox). This is a beta release v1.31 for testing purposes only! 2011-11-11 WebUI: Added automatic key search for user domains 2011-11-08 Added 'Technical description' to our Secure Forms page 2011-11-01 Updated the beta Login Client (for FireFox). This is a beta release v1.3 for testing purposes only! 2011-10-26 Applet: Added alias function 'Remove alias from key' (under Settings / Personal information) WebUI: Added Domain Panel for domain administrators, Settings / Domain Panel, more info about this feature is coming 2011-10-04 Added email notification when the account is about to expire. The first warning is sent 10 days before the expire date, second warning is sent 3 days before the expire date. WebUI: Changed some server settings for increased performance on web server 2011-09-25 Changed configuration for MySQL, for increased performance. 2011-09-15 WebUI: Fixed bug in Message Filter setup-function 2011-09-09 Updating the boot media for the web server. Some downtime for WebUI is expected. 2011-09-02 Updated the beta Login Client (for FireFox). This is a beta release for testing purposes only! 2011-09-01 WebUI: Changed IP on web server ( Applet: Updated DNS-verification-URL IP. You may need to restart your web browser. Applet: Removed case sensitivity in public key import 2011-08-24 WebUI: Added [To]- and [Cc]-fields in "Common" search critera WebUI: Added quick search form in upper right corner, in every folder 2011-08-23 WebUI: Fixed bug when changing sort order in Mailbox lists and Search result list, order was only kept on the first page WebUI: Added persistant sort order during session WebUI: Fixed bug when viewing Search results, only first page was clickable WebUI: Added "Loader" when using paginator (Next - Previous - 1 2 3 etc.) 2011-08-15 WebUI: Fixed bug when adding alias to public key, under special conditions the request could fail IMAP : Updated the firewall to skip scanning checks on port 143, this port is already closed. Let them scan... 2011-08-13 WebUI: Added "Last news"-link in the left window, this will show the last Changelog date. WebUI: Added green URL-icon (favicon) when you have new messages WebUI: Added unread message notification to Window title, e.g. it will say "CounterMail-INBOX(3)" if you have 3 unread messages. 2011-08-10 Applet: Fixed USB library hashsum error that was causing USB-problem on 32-bit Windows platform 2011-08-07 Applet: Added feature to Sign email with aliases (alias must first be added to your public key) 2011-08-06 Applet: Fixed bug when saving private key locally, key was empty if you saved it twice (first time was ok) Applet: Fixed bug when viewing attachments which was sent from non-CounterMail clients (like ThunderMail) 2011-08-02 WebUI: Added "Default Compose Alias" under Settings / Compose Preferences 2011-07-31 Applet: Fixed bug in Public Key import with userids containing UTF8 characters Applet: Changing password with USB-accounts, make sure that the encrypted USB keyfile is updated to new version Applet: Fixed filedialog (removed *.asc) for Private key loading, when storing keys locally WebUI: Show keys under Personal info, will display the path to your private key, if it's stored locally 2011-07-28 WebUI: Cleartext signature text was not properly removed even if it validated ok 2011-07-25 Applet: Added OnePass signature notification. Some PGP-clients are using OnePass signatures instead of Cleartext signatures, e.g. K9 for Android. Applet: Empty password field if user entered wrong password or username Applet: Added alias function where you can can add alias-email to the main keypair, useful when having non-anonymous aliases WebUI: Added automatic left frame refresh when clicking on unread messages WebUI: Removed the Thread-view function, some bugs needs to be fixed. WebUI: Added hash functions on our Tool-page. 2011-07-23 Applet: Fixed bug when doing auto search for Public Keys.

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