CounterMail - the secure email provider

CounterMail is a secure and easy to use online email service, designed to provide maximum security and privacy without any unnecessary complexity.

You can access your email account at any time, from anywhere in the world. Your account will always be encrypted and anonymous.

CounterMail's encryption works automatically and transparently, it requires no specialized computer skills or knowledge. If you are comfortable using services like Hotmail or Gmail, you will be comfortable using CounterMail's secure email!

We are using a strong encryption protocol called OpenPGP, with 4096 bits encryption keys to protect your data. To the best of publicly available information, there is no known method which will allow a person or group to break OpenPGP:s encryption by cryptographic or computational means.

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Unique features

We are the first email provider that has these features:

Diskless web servers

Unlike the competitors, our web servers are diskless. They don't have any hard drives and instead start from a CD-ROM. This will ensure that everything possible is being done to keep your anonymity.
More about our servers...

MITM protection

As far as we know, we're the only provider that has protection against Man-In-The-Middle attacks. The OpenPGP-encryption will always protect the contents of your email, but to protect your identity and to protect against MITM-attacks you must have another crypto layer. Most providers use SSL for this, but SSL is not always secure enough. Further information can be found here.

Other features

  • True end-to-end security
  • Anonymous email headers
  • Portable and secure email from any browser
  • Secure forms (info)
  • Android phone compability (info)
  • Dynamic aliases (info)
  • IMAP server, if you want to use your own email client
  • Windows, MacOS X and Linux support
  • Use your own domain name
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Last update

Feb 4, 2024 (ChangeLog)



Fixed issue with invitations

During this week (#6 2024) we will upgrade some server modules, read more on our Changelog-page.


Planned server relocation


Changed certificate


Maintenance update


Info about the attack.


Improved the HTML email sanitizer. Read more


Updated one FAQ about email decryption


Updated one FAQ about session problems


Improved the Secure Forms,Read more


Increased security for fake domain/links and some other things.


Updated our Secure Forms feature. Read more


Updated our XMPP chat server, and some other things.


Added a domain spell check


Registration is open, with invite code requirement


Changed our Terms of Use


Changed Trial accounts restrictions, read more.


Opened up for all !


Open website for Beta-testers