CounterMail keeps your online communications private and secure. Each email is uniquely encrypted before it leaves your computer. A CounterMail account lets you communicate in security with any other OpenPGP-compatible email user anywhere in the world. You can see how it works here. There is no known method which will allow a person or group to break OpenPGP:s encryption by cryptographic or computational means.

To be able to use our services you need a normal web browser with Javascript activated, most computers already have it installed, read more about this on our Support page.

We provide services both to the business community and to individual private users and organizations.

If you already know someone using Countermail, you can try it for free for 10 days, read more here

If you want to buy premium services, login to your account and click on "Buy premium services" in your left menu.

Premium accounts

You get access to all features when you buy a premium account. Premium subscriptions includes 4 GB of encrypted storage data for emails. You can buy extra space if you want more. If you already own a domain, you can buy a domain option, where you can use your own domain. You can add the domain option for $15.


  • OpenPGP data encryption
  • SSL-MITM protection (info)
  • USB key option (info)
  • Diskless web servers (info)
  • Secure forms (info)
  • Android phone compability (info)
  • Dynamic aliases (info)
  • Email notification (info)
  • Message filter / Autoresponder
  • SSL server encryption & authentication
  • True end-to-end security
  • Anonymous email headers
  • IMAP server, for third party clients
  • Password manager (info)
  • Use your own domain name (info)
  • XMPP chat server


Payment type6 Months12 Months12x2 Months
Storage space4000 MB4000 MB4000 MB
CreditCard (Stripe)
$29 ($4.83/month)$49 ($4/month)$79 ($3.29/month)
Domain option$15 (one time setup fee) Read here for more info
USB creditsFree, included in all premium subscriptions
Read more about USB-credits here.

If you need more storage you can purchase extra space.
Extra space is a one-time fee, you only have to pay it once!

Extra spacePrice
250 MB extra $19
500 MB extra $35
1000 MB extra $59
1750 MB extra $89

Upcoming features

  • Encrypted chat client
  • Password based encryption
  • Time Delayed sending
  • One-time message

More about our storage prices.

Here are the reasons that our extra storage prices is higher than some other providers:
1. Our server have full disk encryption, which uses extra CPU and harddrive resources
2. Our server PGP-encrypts all unencrypted email inside your account, which uses extra CPU and harddrive resources
3. Our webmail have SSL-MITM protection which uses extra CPU resources on the server.
4. Your connection to our servers always passes through a tunnel to prevent IP-address leaks, this takes both CPU and bandwidth resourses.

A provider without these features will of course have lower prices, because they can take on much more customers per server. If you don't need the highest level of security, we would suggest using another lower-security provider.

Last update

May 10, 2023 (ChangeLog)



Fixed a delivery problem


Planned server relocation


Changed certificate


Maintenance update


Info about the attack.


Improved the HTML email sanitizer. Read more


Updated one FAQ about email decryption


Updated one FAQ about session problems


Improved the Secure Forms,Read more


Increased security for fake domain/links and some other things.


Updated our Secure Forms feature. Read more


Updated our XMPP chat server, and some other things.


Added a domain spell check


Registration is open, with invite code requirement


Changed our Terms of Use


Changed Trial accounts restrictions, read more.


Opened up for all !


Open website for Beta-testers